Running with the Buffaloes!

© 2011 Richard Broadwell – Jenny Lake, Grand Teton National Park

© 2011 Richard Broadwell – Yellowstone National Park

We arrived in Yellowstone National Park and got our first “bear aware” orientation of the trip.  I was like, “hey, no bear will mess with the mighty me!”  But that very same day a California couple was attacked by a grizzly protecting her cubs on a very popular trail just a mile and a half from the parking lot. The husband was killed and the wife just barely escaped with her life.  I shut my pie hole about the bear danger after that and followed all the rules very closely, making sure nothing was left outside that might attract any critters.

© 2011 Richard Broadwell

And we saw lots of critters; this baby elk, deer, antelope, and a black bear with two cubs. And of course tons of buffaloes.

Where do the buffaloes roam? Anywhere they damn please.  Check this guy out in the middle of the road.  He gave me the evil eye and then finally agreed to let us pass.

You would have thought I’d learned my lesson about leaving these beasts alone but it just whetted my appetite.  I would go crazy every time we saw one.  After the mozzies chased us out of Yellowstone we went south to Grand Teton National Park there was a whole herd of them stampeding across the road right in front of us and one of my humans (who shall remain nameless) forgot to shut her door when she jumped out to take pictures and I saw my chance.  I leapt out of that truck and went charging after them.  I wanted to run with the buffaloes too!  Unfortunately she caught up with me and after 3 loud shouts of my name I stopped.  I let her think I did it for her but in reality once I got up close and saw their gnarly faces I had second thoughts.

© 2011 Richard Broadwell

We loved Grand Teton, one of the most breathtaking landscapes of the trip!

© 2011 Richard Broadwell – Grand Teton National Park

After my near death experience we decided we needed some civilization for a few days and Jackson, Wyoming was exactly what the doctor ordered.  We stayed at the Jackson Hole Campground outside of town near Jackson Hole. It was within walking distance to two wonderful restaurants.  Calico (Italian) and Q Roadhouse (BBQ).  We had wonderful meals at both, sitting outside and enjoying the crisp mountain air.

© 2011 Richard Broadwell – Grand Teton National Park

But the best part of Jackson was when met the most wonderful family! There were at least of dozen of them celebrating a graduation and guess what? We were in the mood to celebrate too!  As a matter of fact it was me who met them first and then I introduced them to my humans.  We had so much fun it was hard to leave.  A big shout out to the Blashak/Strahan family! Hopefully we will see them again when we go through Texas next fall.

Coming up next: My Own Private Idaho / Montana

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9 Responses to Running with the Buffaloes!

  1. Stew says:

    Great photos !! Glad Ginger’s having fun — Jake and Toby say “HI”


  2. Lauren says:

    Love seeing you guys updates!


  3. June says:

    These are so much fun! I really look forward to them. Ginger, you have such a wonderful sense of HUMOR!!! Glad you escaped from the Buffalo, too! Hugs to all


  4. Rod says:

    hope you guys are having fun in yellowstone…garcie and boo!


  5. iDavid S! says:

    Hey ya’ll hope all is well. It’s been some time since Jackson Hole. It was nice getting to know the two of you, we had a blast. Great pictures! Make sure to let us know if you come to Texas we’ll have to hang out. and let Ryder meet Ginger. Anyways I hope your travels are safe and ya’ll have an awesome time!



    • Ginger says:

      We are having an awesome time! Hope you all are well too! We will be coming through Texas in the fall, will let you know when, can’t wait to see you guys again. We are just about to head down the coast of WA, OR and CA for the month of Sept, back to CA in Oct. Talk soon!


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