I Get My Kicks On Route 66

© 2011 Richard Broadwell

So we’re barreling down the road and I spy The Road Kill Cafe in Seligman, AZ.  I beg, I plead, I whine… please stop!  I want to eat here!

© 2011 Richard Broadwell

But noooo!  I’m outvoted and so I mope.

© 2011 Richard Broadwell

Seligman has everything a modern day roadie like me could ever want; period autos, authentic coffee shops, cheap motels, burger joints and tourists… plenty of them.  A large gang of French Harley motorcycle riders roared through town just as I was relieving myself on Route 66 and scared the shit out of me.  Don’t worry, I’ve trained my humans to pick up after me.

© 2011 Richard Broadwell

But hey, I did get a do rag AND I had an Elvis sighting.

© 2011 Richard Broadwell

Coming up next: Canyon De Chelly – Navajo Nation, AZ

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2 Responses to I Get My Kicks On Route 66

  1. Joe Turley says:

    Hi you three!

    What a gorgeous, funny and, yes, glamorous adventure you’re having! Ginger, you’re so witty….
    tell your humans to drop by Nashville….we live by a big beautiful lake and everybody eats
    southern fried steak!!!

    Wuff, rrruff, fuff, rrrrffff,

    Charley Lhasa Turley

    ps : My humans, Joe, Marie and James send their love!


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